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Runner Circle

Amazing new type of runner game Simple control : Easy to learn hard to master Run around neon circle, on infinite circles series

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Shoot The Marble

Shoot the Marble, easy gameplay and difficult levels ! Come in this kitchen with delicious cakes ! More than 25 levels to be discovered and others coming soon. Stars to release for every levels

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Color's (always tap the right color! )

What is Color's ? Simple...you select the type of Game ( Simple or Dual) Select the colors which have to be memorized. You can select 1 to 5 colors

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! Ugly Hungry Fish

Ugly and hungry fishes want to eat your finger ! In this fish game, ugly piranhas attack your finger, and you must be quick and clever not to be eaten..

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Jump Escape Potato FREE

The game which gives the French fries! Go to the adventure in Jump Potato Escape

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SmartDates is a smart app for saving all your important dates !! Do you know how many days you are away from your big event ?

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SmartCount is a smart app for counting anything you want !! You need to count something and want to save the data, SmartCount is for you

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Combo Tree

More than 100.000 players ! Make Combo to win ! Align 3 bricks of the same color

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Tofu Rescue

Tofu Rescue is a "push to survive" arcade game. Enraged and angry flies want to eat the Tofu swimming in your soup. Will you be fast enough to stop them?

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Kitty Pirate

Fly Pirate Cat is a game of speed and skill

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6F ColorBall

Color Ball is a game of speed and skill. Launch your colored ball into the edge of the same color to score

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Our Team
  • Erwan Charvot


    I like making Games and I do love using Phaser.js

  • Fabien Beaufreton


    This is not because you play no longer than the game stops

  • Florent Bouyssou


    It's always fun to play games so making them is so cool!!

  • Ludovic Bourry


    For me developing games is totally natural. I was born with a keyboard in my hands and we are games developer for generations in my family

  • Sahadat Malik


    I'm a game lover so making app and game are really fun for me!! !

  • Tristan Azaïs


    I 'm listening to the players so I make games easy and fun to play !

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